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Welcome to The University of the West Indies Biological Society web site.

Our Mission

To help foster environmental awareness in our nation.

Society Profile

The U.W.I. Biological Society was formed in April 1987, under the supervision of Professor Julian Duncan, by a group of Natural Sciences students who were interested in contributing to the preservation of out local resources. Fifteen years later, the Society consists of over 300 members, mainly UWI students from all faculties.

Over the years we have accomplished this through various means such as hikes, beach clean-ups, reafforestation exercises, recycling drives, turtle patrols, seminars, exhibitions, publication of newsletters, and various research projects.

We have also been involved in the conservation/awareness projects of other groups, such as SWMCOL, NIHERST (National Institute for higher Education Research Science and Technology), Carib Glass Limited, Nature Seekers, COPE (Council of Presidents for the Environment), The Asa Rights Centre, The Environment Management Authority (EMA), and various other NGOs.

Our efforts and impact have been acknowledged in many ways, most notably;

I.                    In June 1998 the Environmental Management Authority presented us with the GreenLeaf Award, for our efforts in environmental conservation.

II.                 On October 1998, we were presented with an award by UWI for our contribution to the promotion of campus life and local environmental awareness.  



Contact Information

If you need to contact us for any questions you need answered or information that you require, please feel free to call or fax us during the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

You can also drop by, mail or e-mail us at the below addresses. 

868-662-2002 ext 2264
Postal address
The U.W.I Biological Society
        c/o Department of Life Sciences
Natural Sciences Building
St. Augustine
Electronic mail
General Information: uwibiosci@yahoo.com
Webmasters: neeshamg@yahoo.com
General Meetings
Normally held on every other Thursdays at 1pm
Room 114
        Ground Floor
        Natural Sciences Building
UWI, St. Augustine


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